☼ internal sunshine ☼
☼ internal sunshine ☼

It’s Wednesday & I don’t need you like I used to.

It rained today but it wasn’t sad,
I actually thought it was kind of beautiful,
the rain hit me & I felt like I belonged to myself again.
I could feel your fingerprints leaving my skin-

You were never mine;
but Lord knows I was yours.
I gave myself to you in every way that I knew how to.

Never again.

I know you’ll be back, but by then I’ll be too strong to let you in-

I don’t want to scream your name anymore at 3 a.m;

But I know there will still be nights that I write about you with shaky hands & aching bones & there will be so much pain I’ll feel it in my teeth-

But lately I’ve been breathing easier so I know those nights will be few & far between;

So for now, I’m going to allow myself to be happy…. without you.

It’s nothing personal but I can’t pour anymore of myself into you,
I’m tired of feeling empty.

I gave you butterflies & you gave them to another girl,
I’m not mad, I just don’t want them back.

She can keep the stars & the moon & every ounce of love I poured into you.

I don’t want it back.

Because love is not something you give then take away; For your sake, I hope you learn what love is one day. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)

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